Dive Rates

Dives Price (IDR)
1                                350 000 (IDR)
2 - 5 320 000 (IDR)
6 - 9 300 000 (IDR)
10 + 270 000 (IDR)


For those who want to minimise luggage weight, or don´t have their own dive gear, we offer:

Equipment Price (IDR)
BCD 50 000 (IDR)
Regulator 50 000 (IDR)
Mask/snorkel/fins/booties 20 000 (IDR)
Wetsuit long 3 mm 30 000 (IDR)
UW light 50 000 (IDR)
Prices per person include guide, tank, weight belt and transport to nearby dive sites.
Please note there is an additional diver tax of 30.000 IDR per day paid to the village.

Additional expenses for trips to more distant sites or other islands are shared between the participants.
Please notice: There is no package price available for diving and accommodation.
Rental prices are for a full day. 

We use Apeks regulators and wing BCDs by Golem (steel, aluminum, or Xtra light back plates) or Halcyon. These give an efficient, horizontal underwater position. Wings can be customised with integrated weighting options, for back-friendly diving.


E: ambon@dive-bluemotion.com
T: +62 81 238719813



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Bluemotion Ambon on taucher.net
Bluemotion Ambon on taucher.net


Apr, 2017: Come dive in paradise!

Get a taste of what diving with Bluemotion Banda is like:


Feb, 2017: Free NITROX!

Bluemotion Banda now offers Nitrox FREE OF CHARGE for divers with EAN32 certification or higher. If you are not certified for Nitrox yet, you can take a quick course with us -very easy, only 1-2 hours :) Please check our course rates here.

Feb, 2017: Fast ferry has resumed operation.

The fast ferry is operating normally again -except in case of really bad weather. The schedule will be as last year: Tuesdays and Saturdays at 9 am from Tulehu (Ambon) to Banda and Wednesdays and Sundays at 9 am from Banda to Tulehu. Please check all the info here

Feb 2017: EcoDiver Courses & Marine Research Internships available

Our partner Sea Ventures offers a new range of marine research and conservation programmes at Banda. Visit their website at sea-ventures.co

Oct 9th, 2016: Old laptops needed for children's computer lab on Banda

We have supported the re-opening of a computer lab on Banda. The lab was setup more than a year ago supported by a social fund but had to close a few months ago as the operational costs couldn't be covered. It was now revived thanks to our volunteer teacher Masha. Children come there every afternoon to learn about computers, Mathematics and English. The interest and feedback has been very positive but, unfortunately, only 3 computers are functioning and available for more than 30 children. If you are going to visit us for diving and have an old laptop you don't need anymore, we would be very thankful if you could donate it to the lab.