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Banda Naira offers a wide range of accommodations and restaurants that we can recommend:



Baba Lagoon Hotel (former Hotel Laguna)

Since March 2015, Bluemotion Banda is located within Baba Lagoon Hotel. It is a quiet place with a great sea view across the Bay to the volcano, and the most convenient place if you are diving with Bluemotion. It offers 11 air-conditioned rooms with fast WiFi. Standard double rooms cost 300,000 - 350,000 IDR and Superior double rooms (fully renovated) go for IDR 400,000 - 450,000 (all prices for 2 pers. incl. breakfast). There is also a big family room (4 single beds) 450,000 IDR (4 pers. incl. breakfast). Rooms booked through Dive Bluemotion Banda, as they are mostly reserved for divers.






Hotel Maulana

Hotel Maulana offers a sea view, facing Gunung Api on Banda Naira’s side. It is a somewhat worn out two-storey colonial-style building that, in its past, had hosted celebrities such as Lady Di, Mick Jagger, Jaques Yves Cousteau and a number of internationally important politicians. Prices go from IDR 330,000 to 550,000. A newer part of the hotel with bungalow-style rooms is located next to the original old building a bit further down the road (price on request, depending on room type).

Contact:  Mita Alwi

+62 812 1221 6044



Delfika 1

The Delfika 1 is a historical building located in the heart of Nusantara, in 2 min. walking distance from the dive center. It has clean rooms and a restaurant with sitting area in a green courtyard with a Koi pond and mellow water plays. Room prices are 250,000 IDR (double room with AC, incl. breakfast).

Contact: Bahri


             +62 813 5572 8728


Delfika 2

Delfika 2 is a two-storey building at the sea with nice rooms and direct view of the volcano. You find it at the end of the market alley in Nusantara about 10 min from the dive center. Delfika 2 does not have a restaurant but guests are welcome to use the fridge and the stove if they want to make their own food. Room prices are 250,000 IDR - 350,000 IDR depending on size and standard and view.

Contact: Bahri


             +62 813 5572 8728


Vita Guesthouse

Vita is a small guesthouse facing the sea and Gunung Api. It is located in the market alley of Nusantara as well and lies within 5 min walking distance from the dive center. It has five simple rooms and a pavilion directly at the sea. There is no restaurant but a buffet can be arranged on request. Room prices are starting at 200,000 IDR (double room incl. breakfast).

Contact: Alan

             +62 812 4706 7099


Bintang Laut

Bintang Laut is a  clean waterfront accommodation located next to Vita guesthouse. It has twin and double rooms with AC and very simple ensuite bathroom for 250,000 IDR including breakfast.

Contact: not available (Bluemotion can place a booking)





These are only our suggestions. Except for Baba Lagoon Hotel (former hotel Laguna), we are not business partners with any of these establishments, nor we receive any commissions. There are other guest houses/hotels in the island, but unfortunately we do not have space for all of them.



Banda’s role in the history of the nutmeg trade is reflected in the local cuisine to date. Numerous little shops in the market and in the center of Nusantara offer cinnamon, nutmeg and Kenari (tropical Almond) cookies. No one should leave Banda before trying the delicious nutmeg jam made from the nutmeg fruit’s fleshy outer layer.

A typical Bandanese dish is Terong goreng, fried eggplant coated in Kenari sauce. You find it on the menu of the nutmeg café and the restaurant in Delfika 1, for example. For excellent soups (e.g. Soto Ayam), fresh fruit shakes and a friendly and warm atmosphere, you should visit Rumah Makan Nusantara. It is located in the shopping street of Nusantara close to the mosque and Hatta-Syahrir University. In Mutiara guesthouse you can enjoy a rich buffet composed of local specialties. Apart from the restaurants, there are a number of good warungs offering Indonesian dishes for a smaller budget.


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T: +62 81 247 143 922



Jl. Pelabuhan, Laguna Hotel. Bandaneira, Maluku, Indonesia



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Apr, 2017: Come dive in paradise!

Get a taste of what diving with Bluemotion Banda is like:

Feb, 2017: Free NITROX!

Bluemotion Banda now offers Nitrox FREE OF CHARGE for divers with EAN32 certification or higher. If you are not certified for Nitrox yet, you can take a quick course with us -very easy, only 1-2 hours :) Please check our course rates here.

Feb, 2017: Fast ferry has resumed operation.

The fast ferry is operating normally again -except in case of really bad weather. The schedule will be as last year: Tuesdays and Saturdays at 9 am from Tulehu (Ambon) to Banda and Wednesdays and Sundays at 9 am from Banda to Tulehu. Please check all the info here

Feb 2017: EcoDiver Courses & Marine Research Internships available

Our partner Sea Ventures offers a new range of marine research and conservation programmes at Banda. Visit their website at

Oct 9th, 2016: Old laptops needed for children's computer lab on Banda

We have supported the re-opening of a computer lab on Banda. The lab was setup more than a year ago supported by a social fund but had to close a few months ago as the operational costs couldn't be covered. It was now revived thanks to our volunteer teacher Masha. Children come there every afternoon to learn about computers, Mathematics and English. The interest and feedback has been very positive but, unfortunately, only 3 computers are functioning and available for more than 30 children. If you are going to visit us for diving and have an old laptop you don't need anymore, we would be very thankful if you could donate it to the lab.