Diving in Banda

General Description

Visibility of up to 50 m, 300 species of hard corals, intact and healthy coral communities, steep walls, sea fan gardens, huge barrel sponges, outstanding reef fish diversity, mug diving in one of Indonesia’s clearest harbors... are just a few terms to characterize your dive experience in Banda.

Due to its remote location and the surrounding deep sea, the waters around Banda are extremely clear. Visibilities of 30 m are common and on some days you can experience 50 m +. The condition and health of the coral reefs is breath-taking – what makes the most important rule in scuba diving quite difficult to follow ;-) Most of the sites are wall dives characterized by huge sea fans, barrel sponges and orange soft corals. According to a survey that was conducted in November 2012, the Bandas are home of the largest Napoleon wrasse population in Indonesia known to date and you can see them on almost every dive.

On a closer look you will find hairy squat lobsters, whip coral shrimps, pigmy seahorses, leaf scorpion fish, ghostpipe fish and much more. Frequent turtle encounters can be expected at all islands. Currents are moderate on most dive sites, allowing also beginners to have a relaxed and enjoyable dive. At some islands there are caves waiting to be explored and the islands of Hatta and Ai are awaiting you with an extraordinary diversity and cover of hard and soft corals. For the lucky ones among you, there is a chance to encounter hammerhead sharks at Pulau Ai or Manukang.

To get a better idea about diving Banda, have a closer look at our dive site descriptions and pictures. In total, we can offer access to more than 30 dive sites around Banda.


Dive Sites

BATU KAPAL ________________________

It gets fishy in Batu Kapal!

PULAU HATTA ______________________

The hole on the reeftop at Hatta Goa

BANDA BESAR _______________________

Eagle Ray swimming along Banda Besar

LAVA FLOW ________________________

Endsless meadows of coral at the Lava Flow

PULAU RHUN ______________________

PULAU PISANG _____________________

POHON MIRING ______________________

The spatious swimthrough at Pohon Miring

PULAI AI ___________________________

Pulai Ai is one of the best spots in Banda for Hammerheads

PULAU KERAKA _____________________

Pink Leaf Scorpionfish in Keraka


The Mandarin fish is very easy to see in front of our dive centre

KARANG HATTA _____________________

Big eye trevally twister

MANUKANG _______________________


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Bluemotion Ambon on taucher.net
Bluemotion Ambon on taucher.net


Apr, 2017: Come dive in paradise!

Get a taste of what diving with Bluemotion Banda is like:


Feb, 2017: Free NITROX!

Bluemotion Banda now offers Nitrox FREE OF CHARGE for divers with EAN32 certification or higher. If you are not certified for Nitrox yet, you can take a quick course with us -very easy, only 1-2 hours :) Please check our course rates here.

Feb, 2017: Fast ferry has resumed operation.

The fast ferry is operating normally again -except in case of really bad weather. The schedule will be as last year: Tuesdays and Saturdays at 9 am from Tulehu (Ambon) to Banda and Wednesdays and Sundays at 9 am from Banda to Tulehu. Please check all the info here

Feb 2017: EcoDiver Courses & Marine Research Internships available

Our partner Sea Ventures offers a new range of marine research and conservation programmes at Banda. Visit their website at sea-ventures.co

Oct 9th, 2016: Old laptops needed for children's computer lab on Banda

We have supported the re-opening of a computer lab on Banda. The lab was setup more than a year ago supported by a social fund but had to close a few months ago as the operational costs couldn't be covered. It was now revived thanks to our volunteer teacher Masha. Children come there every afternoon to learn about computers, Mathematics and English. The interest and feedback has been very positive but, unfortunately, only 3 computers are functioning and available for more than 30 children. If you are going to visit us for diving and have an old laptop you don't need anymore, we would be very thankful if you could donate it to the lab.