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Bluemotion Banda is located on Banda Naira, the capital island of a group of 11 dreamy islands in the middle of the Banda Sea. Our dive center is owned by the grandson of the late renowned Des Alwi. The Bandanese instructor Nyellow and divemasters Ade, Dani and Al will take you to the fascinating underwater world of their home islands. Bluemotion's intention is to generate a friendly and familiar atmosphere so that you are not only enjoying your dive experience in Banda but also the vibes of the islands. Diving with us means extended surface intervals with a picnic composed of local food, coffee and tea on one of the Banda Islands’ beautiful beaches or on the sundeck of our wooden dive boat Mira. During your stay on Banda, you are also very welcome to hang out in the dive center for a chat or to have a closer look at our underwater library and species identification books.

You find the dive center in Baba Lagoon Hotel. Coming from Banda’s main pier, turn left, walk 250 m along the road and the dive center will appear on your left-hand side just before a black-sand beach. If you visit us just before sunset, you can observe the famous Mandarin fish in front of the dive center. 

As Green Fins member, we are happy to share with you ideas of environmentally conscious diving. We also work together with Luminocean to educate divers during Reefcheck Ecodiver Courses and young local people to give them opportunities in building a career in the marine tourism or conservation sector.

Sunset time

Sunset time


Dive equipment

Hatta beach

Surface interval time

Baba Lagoon & dive boats

Baba Lagoon, dive center & dive boats


Bird's eye view


Amazing seafans

Dive center area

Dive center area in Baba Lagoon

equipment facilities

Outside equipment area

largeeye trevallies


balcony view

Gunung Api from the dive center

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