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Banda’s role in the history of the nutmeg trade is reflected in the local cuisine to date. Numerous little shops in the market and in the center of Nusantara offer cinnamon, nutmeg and Kenari (tropical Almond) cookies. No one should leave Banda before trying the delicious nutmeg jam made from the nutmeg fruit’s fleshy outer layer.

A typical Bandanese dish is Terong goreng, fried eggplant coated in Kenari sauce. You find it on the menu of the nutmeg café and the restaurant in Delfika 1, for example. For excellent soups (e.g. Soto Ayam), fresh fruit shakes and a friendly and warm atmosphere, you should visit Rumah Makan Nusantara. It is located in the shopping street of Nusantara close to the mosque and Hatta-Syahrir University. The relatively new family run Spice Island Cafe serves excelent curries, fruit smoothies, good coffee and is a cozy place to meet other travellers and hang out in the evenings. Apart from the restaurants, there are a number of good warungs offering Indonesian dishes for a smaller budget.

Baba Lagoon hotel, where we are based, offers a dinner buffet, a choice of local dishes, on request. Just let the hotel staff know before you go out for diving in the morning.


Banda Naira offers a wide range of accommodations. We are based in Baba Lagoon Hotel, probably the best choice in terms of value for money and if you like to enjoy seaview. Both, more expensive and cheaper options can be found throughout the village and within 10 minutes walking distance to our dive center.


Baba Lagoon is the hotel where we are based. It is a recently renovated building in colonial style located directly on the sea with a great view on Gunung Api.


Except for Baba Lagoon Hotel, there is a variety of other accommodations on the island. We are not business partners with any of these establishments, nor do we receive any commissions but we are happy to recommend them to you.

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