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Visibility of up to 50 m, 300 species of hard corals, intact and healthy coral communities, steep walls, Gorgonian gardens, huge barrel sponges, outstanding reef fish diversity, mug diving in one of Indonesia’s clearest harbors... are just a few terms to characterize your dive experience in Banda.

Due to its remote location and the surrounding deep sea, the waters around Banda are extremely clear. Visibilities of 30 m are common and on some days you can experience 50 m +. The condition and health of the coral reefs is breath-taking – what makes the most important rule in scuba diving quite difficult to follow. Most of the sites are wall dives characterized by huge sea fans, barrel sponges and orange soft corals. According to a survey that was conducted in November 2012, the Bandas are home of the largest Napoleon wrasse population in Indonesia known to date and you can see them on almost every dive. On a closer look you will find hairy squat lobsters, whip coral shrimps, pigmy seahorses, leaf scorpion fish, ghostpipe fish and much more. Frequent turtle encounters can be expected at all islands. Currents are moderate on most dive sites, allowing also beginners to have a relaxed and enjoyable dive. At some islands there are caves waiting to be explored and the islands of Hatta and Ai are awaiting you with an extraordinary diversity and cover of hard and soft corals. For the lucky ones among you, there is a chance to encounter hammerhead sharks.

To get a better idea about diving Banda, have a look at our dive site descriptions and pictures. In total, we can offer access to more than 30 dive sites around Banda that can be reached within 1 h by speed boat or 1:45 h by our fully equipped wooden day boat KM Mira.

Photo: Sander van der Zwan

Banda Islands
Aprox times to Dive Sites with speedboat


Diving with us means a relaxed start in the morning, 2 - 3 dives per day, 60 - 70 minutes dive times and long surface intervals during which we serve lunch, tea, coffee and snacks. Between the dives, there is always the chance to visit one of Banda's lonely beaches. If we don't go there anyway, feel free to ask our crew to drop you off by dinghy. Towels are available for you on the boat so that there is nothing you have to care about apart from bringing your camera, book and sunscreen.

We have Nitrox for free to offer you more bottom time and the safest possible way of diving in Banda. Emergency oxygen and first aid kits are on board and all our boat and dive staff are trained in Emergency First Response.

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