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Dive Courses

All dive courses are carried out by certified SSI instructors. Please read the box below for more details about SSI. Courses are available in English, Indonesian, German and Spanish.

What is the difference between Scuba Schools International (SSI) and PADI?


Very little. SSI and PADI are the two largest scuba diver training and certifying agencies in the World. Both agencies are members of the World Recreational Scuba Training Council (WRSTC) and as such, adhere to minimum and recommended scuba diver training standards - with each agency producing their own working Diver Training Standards, whilst remaining within the parameters of the WRSTC umbrella standards. The skills taught are also the same - after all, both agencies are teaching students to become certified as safe confident scuba divers and there's only so many ways this can be achieved.

Both SSI and Padi recognise and accept each others diver certifications, and both agree upon prior recognition of the others diver certifications when a diver signs up to complete onwards training. Meaning, divers may cross over from either agency to the other when they undertake and complete another more advanced diver training course.

Price (IDR)
*price in blue when 2 or more students per instructor
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Open Water Diver *

(3-4 days, 4 open water dives)

Try Scuba Diving (Discover) *

Scuba Skills Update (Refresher) *

(1 day, skills session + 1 boat dive)

Advanced Adventurer *,**

(2-3 days, 5 open water specialty dives)

Diver Stress & Rescue *

(2-3 days, 3 open water dives)

First Aid + O2 *

(half day, no dives, price when combined with Rescue or Divemaster)

Enriched Air Nitrox 40 *

(half day, no dives)


Deep Diving *

(certified for 40m max. depth)
(1-2 days, 3 open water dives)

Dive Guide/Divemaster

Depends on availability

All our course prices include equipment, online training material and certification/card fee, as well as lunch, towels, coffee, tea and snacks for the days the course is attended.


*Price in blue is for courses with 2 or more students per instructor.


**Specialty dives in the Advanced Adventurer program can count towards a full specialty certification (i.e. Deep Diving, etc), which would be then discounted.

Marine Conservation Courses

Together with our marine conservation and education partner Luminocean, we also offer EcoDiver courses and Marine Ecology internships.


Price (IDR) 

Discover Reefcheck                                            

1 day, 1 dive                                                              1,000,000


Reefcheck EcoDiver

3 days, 3 dives                                                          4,000,000 

6 days, 7 dives                                                          5,900,000



For more information and more programs, visit their website at or send an e-mail.

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